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5 Day Challenge + Giveaway!


We’ve partnered up with Honest Tea to do a 5 day challenge +GIVEAWAY! Day one starts on Monday, and the challenge ends on Friday. All you need to do is take a pic of your challenge activity on facebook, instagram, or twitter, and tag us in it with the hashtag #mywellnesspledge. We came up with super simple and fun pledges. We’ll randomly pick one participant who has done the challenge and they will get a 30 day supply of unsweetened Honest Tea- we’ve tried their stuff and it’s pretty damn good. It’s organic wholesome goodness packed with all the magical benefits of tea leaves. So with that being said…who’s down?


Food Heaven 50s Inspired Pin-Up Shoot


Starting next week, we will be releasing new nutrition and cooking videos every MONDAY for an entire year. If you haven’t already, get ready by subscribing to our youtube channel.

To celebrate our releaunch we wanted to do a vintage 50s pin-up photo shoot. If you dig the pics, remember to like and share with your friends. Thank you guys so much for rocking with us this far. We are so excited for what is in store. xoxo, Wendy and Jess

Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy

Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven

Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven

Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven

Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven

Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy

Wendy of Food Heaven Made Easy

Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy

Wendy of Food Heaven Made Easy

Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy

Wendy of Food Heaven Made Easy

Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy

Wendy of Food Heaven Made Easy

Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy



Time Saving, Flavor Enhancing Tip



Blend 5 cloves of garlic, 1-2 tomatos, 1/2 bunch of cilantro, 1 onion and 1 bell pepper with a little water and/or olive oil and then freeze the mixture in a couple ice trays. Add a cube or two to spice up dishes you make throughout the week  (beans, soup, pasta, salad, etc). Enjoy the fresh flavor burst without any chopping or dish washing. #FoodHeavenMadeEasy


Join our 7 Day Food Heaven Challenge NOW!!

Get your plate in shape

Get your plate in shape

National Nutrition Month is here! In honor of this nutrition education campaign, Food Heaven will be facilitating our very own 7 Day Food Heaven Challenge.  We’ve listed all the daily activities below. Won’t you join us? It’s fun, super easy and good for the mind, body and soul. The challenge will begin on Monday, March 5th.

Here goes…


Make your own tea. Either when you wake up or when you’re ready to wind down after a busy Monday.


Get at least 15 minutes of natural sunlight. take a walk, stand in the sun while waiting for the bus, go to your roof in the early morning, and the list goes on.


Get active! Spend at least 30 minutes getting your body moving. Walk instead of taking the bus, take a morning jog, you tube some work out videos, do some yoga. your body will love you for it.


The week is almost done. treat yourself to some dessert. the catch is you have to make it yourself. just don’t go too crazy on your sweet tooth.


TGIF. Make your awesome self a drink immediately. the drink should incorporate your favorite fruit!


If you can afford it, take yourself out to dinner. make sure you treat yourself to food you know will do your body good. If you can’t afford it, then prepare yourself a beautiful dinner at home. this can be done solo, or with a positive companion.


It’s brunch time! make yourself a delicious brunch. Keep it healthy and most importantly, keep it exciting. while enjoying your brunch, light yourself a white candle. Not only does it set a great vibe, it also represents purity and new beginnings. Let this light be your inspiration to keep challenging yourself to higher levels of health.

7 Day Challenge for National Nutrition Month


National Nutrition Month is coming up in March, and this is the perfect excuse to start setting some real goals to improve your health! National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which we’re both a members of. Through our recipes, posts, and links, we hope we’re supporting you in your journey to achieve a healthier lifestyle. For National Nutrition Month we’re hosting a 7 Day Food Heaven challenge, where each day we’ll be posting an activity that promotes health in our homes and communities. Don’t think you’ll be doing this alone…we’re in there with you! We’ll be posting daily video updates letting you know how we’re completing each posted challenge. I hope you’re as excited as we are! Stay posted for updates and Happy Nutrition Month to you and yours.

We Have A Winner!


Big thanks to everyone who participated in our giveaway! It was a tough decision, but in the end we had to go with Kevina from Brooklyn, NY. We judged based on creativity, balance and overall healthiness of the meal.


the lovely kevina

the lovely kevina

Kevina impressed us by remixing our unhealthy fried chicken and french fry platter into this scrumptious and healthy meal.

I would switch the french fries with some yummie & healthy baked sweet potato fries. And then take some lean boneless chicken & stuff it with low-fat ricotta cheese, spinach, and grape tomatoes(cut up). To mimic the crunchiness of the fried chicken, you could coat the chicken with panko bread crumbs & sear it in some olive oil before putting it in the oven. The stuffing inside the chicken would replace the dipping sauce.

Kevina was also kind enough to provide us with a healthy eating tip:

When grocery shopping, always read the ingredients list! You’d be shocked at some of the things they put in pre-packaged food. If you can’t pronounce or identify an ingredient, DON’T EAT IT!


Colorlines’ “Celebrate Love” Feature


“With salsa music playing in the background and kale decor in their hair, nutritionists Wendy Lopez and Jess Jones are producing a cooking show that teaches viewers how to eat and shop for healthy, affordable meals. Super healthy and super affordable, as Wendy would say.”

Read full article here.

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