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Clutch Mag Feature


“Many of us complain about the lack of quality programming geared toward Black people on TV. If it isn’t a reality show, it doesn’t seem like it gets much play these days. To fill the void, several young, Black folks have been turning to the web to get their fix of good shows that showcase people who look like them.”

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Anna Lappe’s “Take a Bite” Blog Feature


“Check out this new series aimed at transforming the relationships between people and their food. Wendy & Jess take us on a monthly cooking adventure in order to improve the diet and health of community members.”

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$10 Meal Time


Wendy and Jess set out to prove that it is possible to feed a family of four for under $10. Watch as they go grocery shopping for healthy foods and end up creating a mouthwatering 3-course meal.

Food Heaven Launch Party Pictures!


Big thanks to everyone who made it out to our launch party! If you were not able to grace us with your presence, here are some pics to catch you up on the super fun evening.

…and here’s a slideshow in case that’s easier ; )





Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy & Jess is a monthly cooking/nutrition series on Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT). The show was created by Nutrition Educators Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones as a creative outlet to help underserved communities in New York City improve their diets and overall health.

The show’s mission is to reduce the risk of obesity in NYC by demonstrating how to prepare culturally diverse, delicious, quick and cost conscious meals at home. Most importantly, the show will provide viewers with a wealth of nutrition information as we create healthy vegetarian dishes that are nutrient dense and energy rich! Vamos a cocinar!

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